Covid… it’s complicated

The Past: an anecdote with a happy ending Today we’re going to start with something that happened to me many years ago and that will serve to illustrate several of the ideas we’ll touch on later. I was going to meet some friends at a terrace in Madrid’s Almagro Street and, as I arrived in … Continue reading Covid… it’s complicated

Food for Covid thoughts

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have all been consuming A LOT more than usual. That’s normal because many of our usual activities have been taken away and nature hates a vacuum so we filled it with that consumption. Plus, it’s been a stressful year and in times of stress our natural instinct is … Continue reading Food for Covid thoughts

History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes

Looking back, we can see that COVID has clearly revealed the following: One. When faced with a problem, if we have insufficient data to make an informed decision and the potential outcome is disastrous, then the most sensible approach is to be EXTRA cautious.Two. Unfortunately, most people are very loathe to forego even a tiny … Continue reading History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes

Bradyproblems, Goldilocks and loads of babies

The two types of problems In life we encounter two kinds of problems: ones that grow quickly and others that grow slowly. By adding Greek prefixes, we can call them tachiproblems and bradyproblems. We humans are good at dealing with things that happen quickly, it’s the way we evolved. Over millions of years, we just … Continue reading Bradyproblems, Goldilocks and loads of babies

No more “Bailouts Without Borders”

After the world of human pain that we’re going through now, there will be a world of economic suffering. There is already talk of Depression rather than Recession. Many industries will be completely wrecked by this situation and all will be affected to some extent. As soon as the worst effects for people are over, … Continue reading No more “Bailouts Without Borders”

Are there any REAL leaders out there?

When politicians first started talking about herd immunity (like Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro), the answer should have been a resounding cry: “Great idea! You go first then” Leaders of the free world "Bat Soup" with Jair, Don and Boris In fact, if they had thought about it, it would have been the best (political) strategy … Continue reading Are there any REAL leaders out there?